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Common Foundation Problems In Texas

How Can You Tell If You Have Foundation Problems?

Texas homeowners often grapple with foundation issues due to our state’s unique climate and geology. Our soil quality, weather, temperature and a host of other factors mean that living in San Antonio means living with troublesome foundations.

Recognizing the signs of foundation issues is crucial for early detection and effective intervention.

We at Hercules Foundation Repair would like to guide you through our region’s frequent home foundation problems and the typical signs associated with them. Professional assessment and repair for your home’s foundation is paramount where we live — and there’s no one better to turn to than Hercules to get it done.

Foundation Cracks

Foundation cracks vary in severity from minor hairline fractures to long, snaking lines. While small cracks may be superficial, larger ones can indicate deeper structural problems that require immediate attention.

If you notice what is called a stair-step pattern in your cracks, it’s a telltale sign that foundation settling is to blame.

Exterior cracks around your home can often appear, so you should inspect the perimeter of your house for them. Water seepage through cracks during rainstorms will further compromise your foundation.

Sinking And Heaving Floors

Heaving and sinking occur when parts of the foundation move unevenly due to variations in soil moisture, compaction or other factors. This can lead to a range of structural issues, from cosmetic damage to severe safety hazards.

Oftentimes this will take the form of sloping floors and countertops. Doors and windows becoming misaligned with their frames can likewise result from the foundation shifting unevenly. In certain cases, sloping and sinking are hard to notice and will require a professional foundation inspection.

Door Gaps And Tile Separation

Separations in your foundation can come in many forms. You might notice poorly insulated gaps around your doors and windows. Floor tiles can come out of place and wood planks can pop right out of alignment.

Some gaps are easy to notice, but in other cases, a seemingly harmless crack will worsen when you’re not paying attention, eventually leading to a serious gap.

Structural Damage From Water And Erosion

Water damage and erosion are critical concerns for Texas homeowners, where soil can be so susceptible to water. Poor drainage, flash floods and prolonged rainfall can wash away the soil supporting your foundation. This leads to instability and long-term damage. Proper drainage and waterproofing measures are essential to mitigate these risks.

Common signs of water damage include pooling water around the foundation after rainstorms, as well as excessive indoor mold and mildew. Erosion and soil displacement around the home can expose parts of the foundation that should be buried.

Soil Movement Beneath Your Foundation

Here in South Texas, expansive soil movement is a pervasive issue. Our clay-rich soil expands under wet conditions and contracts when dry. This process exerts uneven pressure on the foundation, often leading to significant damage.

Visible changes in soil level around your home may indicate the soil is swelling or shrinking. Over time, this can lead to other foundation problems such as cracking and sinking.

Intrusion From Tree Roots

Tree root spreading poses a significant threat to foundations, especially in residential areas where large trees can be planted close to home. As roots grow and search for moisture, they can push against and under the foundation, causing displacement and cracks.

In some cases, plumbing issues like frequent clogs and leaks can occur when roots invade underground pipes.

If there are trees closer than 20 feet to your foundation, you should be on guard for foundation issues. Moisture-hunting roots can be especially troublesome when you have a cracked water line.

Fix It All With Our San Antonio Foundation Repair

Foundation problems in Texas are diverse and complex, but with early detection and a quick response, you can keep your home safe and stable. That means you deserve only the best foundation repair services available.

Hercules Foundation Repair has years of expertise in repairing and bolstering San Antonio homes, ensuring every house we service is left with Herculean strength. We stand ready to get your foundation troubles fixed right on time and with the best quality.

Contact us today to bolster your South Texas home!

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