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Soil Excavation

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Soil Excavation For Foundation Repair

Foundation repairs can be daunting. As the literal base supporting your entire home, it’s reasonable to worry about how extensive some foundation work can be. Some types of foundation repair involve digging straight through the floor of your home, which is an extensive procedure that forces homeowners to rearrange significant portions of their homes to make room for messy and disruptive excavations.

Fortunately, when it comes to foundation repair soil excavations, the professionals here at Hercules Foundation Repair have a better way. Rather than go through, we go under! With three generations of experience under our belts, we’ve perfected the technique and skills required to carry out the safest and most efficient under-slab tunneling in the industry.

soil excavator sitting next to a large pile of recently dug up dirt

How Does Slab Tunneling Work?

The process of slab tunneling is about as simple as it can possibly get. Our team will locate the area under the home that needs to be accessed and we’ll use our knowledge, skills and experience to plan the least invasive digging route possible.

Entry points are generally 3 feet by 3 feet and will be no bigger and go no lower than absolutely necessary to reach the desired location.

Once the required depth is reached, our experts will use their herculean strength to tunnel through the earth until they reach the spot needed.

As they go, our team will install supports that are more than stable enough to handle the weight of your home.

Once the location is reached, repairs will be carried out beneath your feet and away from all of your important belongings that you’d want to keep separate from any type of excavation work.

After everything is done, the tunnel will be backfilled and your home will be left looking just like it did before – except more level of course!

Benefits Of Slab Tunneling vs. Other Foundation Access Methods

While slab tunneling is extensive itself, it still comes with several advantages when compared to other methods. The most obvious of these benefits are worth mentioning.

Less Disruptive Than Other Methods

As mentioned above, slab tunneling is a great way to avoid the disruption that comes with being forced to drill directly through the floor of your home. In many instances, slab tunneling and its related repairs can be carried out without anyone needing to leave home.

Access To Other Systems

Not only does slab tunneling offer direct access to your home’s foundation, but it also allows technicians access to home systems that are generally very difficult to reach, like certain aspects of plumbing, electrical and drainage systems. If any other repairs are needed from your home shifting, this is a great time to complete them!

Flexible, Versatile & Fast

Slab tunneling can be done under almost any type of commercial or residential building in both interior and exterior areas. The method also has the added benefit of generally being faster than many other techniques designed to achieve the same goal.

Choose Hercules Foundation Repair For Your Under Slab Tunneling

When choosing a company to tunnel underneath your home, experience is king. Without fully understanding the methods and process, under-slab tunneling can quickly turn into a situation that causes far more damage than it was intended to repair.

No two foundations are the same, and when choosing a company for your slab tunneling in South Texas, you want a company that’s seen it all. We guarantee that the Hercules professionals will be able to carry out the slab tunneling you need to the highest degree possible.

Regardless of your reasons for needing professional excavation — whether you have a slab leak, need to reinforce your existing foundation with something like a hybrid pressed piling system or simply need to help your electrician reach a problematically placed component — don’t hesitate to contact the foundation professionals at Hercules Foundation Repair. We’re committed to providing a level of South Texas foundation repair that sets the standard for what it means to be a professional in our industry.

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