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Pier + Beam Foundation Repair

Be 100% confident in the foundation your home rests on!

Pier + Beam Foundation Repair

The two most common foundations used in the United States are concrete slabs and pier and beams. Concrete slabs are by far more common, as they are reliable, inexpensive and can be installed relatively quickly. However, a slab is not ideal for all scenarios, and some buildings need to be elevated above the ground for a number of reasons. In these instances, pier and beam is the ideal foundation solution.

When you’re looking for a foundation repair company in San Antonio, Victoria or Austin, look no further. Our team can put forth the herculean effort required for high-quality foundation pier installation. The team here at Hercules Foundation Repair is equipped with three generations worth of foundation experience to provide any and all pier and beam solutions you could need.

How Does Pier & Beam Foundation Work?

Pier and beam systems consist of a series of vertical beams – or piers – that are driven into the earth’s bedrock. These beams support horizontal floor joists that create the subfloor of the home. This type of foundation is generally installed in situations where the existing ground is unstable or when water levels can be unpredictable and threaten the home.

five concrete cylinders forming a south texas home's pier and beam foundation

Five Main Benefits Of Pier & Beam Foundations

While pier and beam systems often have a higher installation cost than slab foundations, they come with several benefits that still make them the obvious foundation choice for many situations. Below are the five main benefits of pier & beam foundations we find most important.


Pier and beam foundations can be installed virtually anywhere. However, they’re particularly useful in building situations with inconsistent soil or uneven terrain. With a skilled enough team installing it, a pier and beam foundation can allow a home to be built virtually anywhere.

Ease Of Access

Many systems that make our modern homes modern exist underneath them. With a pier and beam foundation system, homeowners and professional technicians can enjoy easier access to their houses. This makes it easier to repair and replace things like the HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems, which could potentially lower the overall cost of any work.


Easy access underneath your home allows for the space to be completely insulated, which can contribute to energy savings and lower utility bills.

Water Control

One of the most significant benefits of pier and beam systems is the additional height it grants to your home. This foundation type allows homes that exist in areas prone to flooding to have some separation from the ground. Thus, these homes have added protection from the potential damage that comes with every rainfall.


Given that most homes in Texas sit on a concrete slab foundation, going with a pier and beam system is an easy way to automatically set yourself apart.

Regardless of your reasoning, our team is ready to install the most robust pier and beam foundation possible so that your new construction has a stable base to sit on for years to come.

Pier And Beam Services In South Texas

All foundations are designed to support your house for years. That’s their entire job. However, given enough time, every type of foundation will wear down and degrade. When you find yourself looking for the best pier and beam services in South Texas, we’ll make sure that each piece of the system is working flawlessly.

We offer several pier and beam replacement options, including:

  • Concrete sonotube piers or footings
  • Block and pad pier or footings
  • Beam replacement
  • Floor joist replacement
  • Flooring replacement

Our team will fully assess your situation and implement whatever solution will provide the best and most long-lasting fix to your foundation problems.

Be The Envy Of Your Peers With A Pier & Beam From Hercules

Pier and beam offer homeowners a versatile foundation option that puts an end to the limitations of standard concrete slab foundations. Enjoy the added benefits of this foundation type while living confidently in your home. If you feel your new construction could benefit from a pier and beam foundation, don’t hesitate to call us today!

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