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Main Causes Of Foundation Problems In South Texas

What Are Common Foundation Problems In Texas?

Did you know that Texas faces more foundation problems than any other state in the country? In and around San Antonio, homeowners face unique challenges when it comes to maintaining their home’s foundation.

The region’s distinctive climate and soil conditions contribute to foundation issues that residents have to contend with.

Hercules Foundation Repair has seen firsthand the impact of these local factors on San Antonio homes. Understanding the main causes of foundation damage in our region is crucial to keeping your property safe — both now and for decades ahead.

Soil Composition And Movement

South Texas is notorious for its expansive clay soils, which swell when wet and shrink during dry conditions. That means both moisture and temperature can put your foundation at risk.

This constant fluctuation leads to movement beneath your house, causing stress and eventual foundation damage.

Heavy rain and improper drainage can lead to soil erosion around your property. This causes shifting in your foundation and removes support. Your foundation suffers without proper stability, and in the long term, this problem can lead to foundation water damage.

Do You Have To Water Your Foundation In Texas?

A foundation water system can help to maintain a proper soil moisture level around your home. You may benefit from investing in one, especially if you’ve already experienced problems with your soil.

Invasive Tree Roots

Large trees planted too close to the home can cause foundation problems. As roots grow in search of water, they can push against and under the foundation, leading to significant damage. Roots absorb moisture from the soil and can cause your foundation to settle and shift on its own.

Tree roots are even more likely to be a problem when there is a cracked water line nearby. The roots will naturally be drawn to the moisture, which will make foundation problems that much worse.

How To Protect Your Home From Tree Roots

To minimize potential damage, you should be sure to plant trees well over 20 feet from your foundation. Because roots will grow on their own, there is potential for future problems with the foundation in the future, so it pays to be vigilant for any sudden changes in your soil moisture levels.

Improper Construction

Not all foundation problems stem from natural causes. In some cases, inadequate construction techniques, poor site preparation or the use of substandard materials can lead to foundation issues down the line. With how inconsistent Texas soil can be, proper soil preparation is also of paramount importance.

Don’t Bother With Poor Foundation Work

There aren’t as many regulations on foundation companies in Texas as one might expect, so it can be easy to hire a subpar contractor. It’s crucial to pick a foundation work ally that will handle it properly. Reliable repairs for your foundation are just as important, and when you need a team you can trust, you can turn to Hercules Foundation Repair.

Recognizing Signs Of Foundation Problems

Noticing the early signs of foundation issues can save homeowners from damages and costly repairs. With how common foundation trouble is in Texas, there’s no excuse to ignore it when it’s staring you in the face. Here are some indicators to watch for:

  • Wall and floor cracks, especially those that widen over time
  • Sticking doors and windows
  • Uneven floors
  • Exterior gaps around windows and doors
  • Chipping or crumbling concrete

When your foundation starts to shift, responding quickly is necessary to protect yourself from ever more expensive damages. Professional repairs are only a call away, so there’s no reason to waste precious time.

Get Foundation Repair In San Antonio, TX

Texas is no stranger to foundation problems, so when it comes to scheduling much-needed repairs, you need an ally worthy of your trust. Hercules Foundation Repair specializes in addressing these unique challenges, offering comprehensive solutions for foundation repair around San Antonio.

Whether you’re dealing with foundation water damage, cracks or other signs of trouble in need of fixing, our team is equipped to restore the integrity of your home. Give us a call today!

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