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Foundation Repair

You have foundation damage — we have the solutions.

Foundation Repair In South Texas

Without a solid foundation, even the most well-constructed home can find itself sinking into the earth, destroyed by gravity. Most of the time, the foundations that support our homes are built to last. However, even when built from solid concrete, they aren’t immune to the deterioration of time and the harsh forces of the elements.

Fortunately, when you find yourself dealing with foundation issues, whether it’s random cracks in your walls or you find yourself suddenly walking uphill to the bathroom, the team at Hercules Foundation Repair is here and ready to put in the HERCULEAN effort to implement whatever type of foundation repair you could need.

hercules repair technician standing in a shoulder-deep hole along the outer edge of a texas home's concrete slab foundation

Slab Foundation Solutions

Slab foundations are one of the most rudimentary, yet effective solutions for supporting a structure. What’s essentially a block of concrete poured directly onto the earth, they’re reliable, long-lasting and low maintenance.

However, even something so low maintenance will have faults that need to be fixed — and when that happens, we guarantee that our team will have the solution to keep your home level and secure.

Every home is different, which is why we commit to finding the best foundation solution for your home.

Below we discuss some of the most common solutions our technicians find themselves using for slab foundation repair.

Concrete Pressed Pile Piers

Concrete-pressed pipe piers are driven into the ground near the sagging slab foundation until they reach stable ground. Once in place, the weight from the failing slab is transferred from the sinking ground onto the concrete pier. Once secured, the foundation and pier are lifted using equipment where the slab will rest in its original position, supported by the new, load-bearing, concrete piers.

Steel Pier Systems

Steel pier systems essentially use the same process as concrete pier systems, except they can hold more weight, can be installed in a wider range of soil types and can be easier to install at a far greater depth.

Hybrid Pressed Pilling System

Perhaps representing the best of both worlds, hybrid pressed pilling systems combine steel pier and concrete pressed pile piers to create a versatile pier repair system that is far more robust than either option on its own.

Each option uses piers to transfer the weight of the home from the shifting soil to more stable bedrock underneath. Which option will best serve you specifically depends on several factors, and our team is more than happy to comb through every aspect of your situation in order to implement the best foundation solution possible.

Pier & Beam Foundation Solutions

Pier and beam foundation solutions provide an alternative to slab foundations that allow builders far more versatility when it comes to choosing a location for a new home. They consist of a series of concrete columns installed into bedrock at equal locations. The piers are supported and interconnected by a series of beams that make up the main base for the floor.

When something goes wrong and you find yourself looking for the best pier and beam repair company around, the team at Hercules is here to lift you and your home out of its pit of foundation damage.

Read on to learn more about the most common types of pier and beam solutions our team finds itself using.

Concrete Sonotube Piers Or Footings

This type of pier solution involves using a series of cylindrical cardboard tubes filled with concrete and inserted into the ground. Once the concrete has cured, it can adequately reinforce existing pier foundations.

Block & Pad Pier And Footings

Consisting of a precast concrete block set into the ground to support a series of piers, block & pad pier solutions are another type of pier foundation system that can be installed alongside existing pier foundations to support any faults or weak spots.

Beam Replacement, Floor Joist Or Flooring Replacement

While the wood used in pier and beam foundations is typically incredibly robust and intended to last decades, it’s still wood and susceptible to damage and rot. Sometimes the solution to foundation issues is as simple as replacing segments of the existing foundation with newer, stronger materials.

Let Our Team Keep Your Home Standing Strong, HERCULES STRONG

If you’re looking for a team that will treat your home and foundation with the utmost care and respect, call the professionals at Hercules Foundation Repair today! From pier & beam and concrete foundation repair to the best house leveling in South Texas, our team has the skills, desire and passion for keeping your home standing strong for years to come.

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