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How do I know if my home is having foundation problems and needs an inspection?
  • Stuck doors and windows:
    • If you’re noticing a few of your doors and windows getting tougher to close, without a quick spray of WD-40, it could be a sign of a foundation problem. As an unstable foundation shifts, it can distort the shape of the frames, making the doors and windows unable to latch and eventually jam entirely.

    • Sagging Floors or Ceilings:
      • Warped floors and ceilings can also be warning signs of foundation issues. As a home’s foundation moves, it pulls apart or compacts walls and support beams. These shifts can cause the weight of the house to sit unevenly in certain spots, resulting in sagging floors and ceilings. A telltale sign of foundation issues is a slanted floor.

      • Gaps Between Exterior Windows and Walls
        • If you start to notice gaps between your façade and your front door and windows, it could mean that a shifting foundation is pulling them apart. These gaps can allow water and insects like termites into the walls of your home, causing even more structural damage in the long run.

        • Cracks in the Wall or Floor
          • Finally, the most telling signs of foundation problems are cracks in the walls and floors of your home. You are likely to have foundation issues if you see a crack that is:

            • More than one-eighth of an inch wide
            • Wide on one end and narrow on the other
            • Horizontal or at a 45-degree angle
            • Leaking water
            • A “stair-step” looking type of crack on the interior or exterior walls
          How much does an inspection cost, and what will occur during my inspection?

          We offer a free estimate to all homeowners otherwise there is a service fee and can take anywhere around 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete. Give our office a call or send us an appointment request to get scheduled! Once an appointment has been scheduled a qualified inspector will meet with the owner or representative of the home to provide some accurate measurements and honest evaluation. Here are the following steps taken by an inspector during an evaluation:

          1. Introduction
          2. Floor Elevation Survey
          3. Visual Observations of the Interior, Exterior and Surrounding Terrain
          4. Test Walls and Doors for Plumbness
          5. Forensic Analysis
          6. Conclusions and Recommendations
          Will Hercules inform me after an inspection if the foundation DOES NOT need to be repaired?

          At Hercules, we aim to uphold our family values that are centered around honesty and integrity. If you have invited us to your home for an evaluation of the foundation, and no problem is detected, we will be sure to communicate that information to you. Sometimes a different underlying issue can be disguised as a foundation problem, so we will do our best to narrow down what exactly is wrong with your home regardless if it is something we specialize in or not. We do suggest that if you suspect your home is having a foundation problem that you contact us right away, it could lead to larger issues in the future causing other components of your home to begin to deteriorate such as your roof, plumbing, walls, and floors.

          What types of home foundations do we specialize in repairing?

          The repair for your foundation problem depends on the type of foundation your home was built on. Two types of foundation commonly found in our area are 1) poured concrete slabs and 2) pier and beam foundations:

          Slab foundations are thick slabs of concrete that are poured directly onto the ground all at once. The center of a slab is usually thinner than the edge,  the edges of the slab are thicker to provide extra strength to the perimeter of the house or construction. Sometimes foundations are reinforced with steel rods or tension cables to ensure the slab is capable of bearing the weight of the structure. Slab foundation repairs focus on leveling the foundation to prevent deterioration. Cracks in the foundation leave gaps that can grow and create bigger problems like a sinking house. When your foundation is repaired gaps are closed and your floors are leveled. Failed foundations can cause problems with the overall structure of your home so it’s best to resolve these issues before the structure begins sloping.

          Pier and beam foundations are slightly raised off the ground. This can be a house built on cedar post piers, block and pad style piers, or concrete sonotube piers. Beams that extend from one pier to another are added to provide support for the joists and flooring of the home or structure. Sagging, sloping, and buckling floors are common issues with pier and beam foundations. The type of repair for pier and beam foundations depends on what exactly the problem is. Repairing a pier and beam foundation may require replacing rotten wood or installing new beams and joists or even re-shimming the foundation. Today’s shims are made of steel which is a great alternative to wooden shims that were used in older construction.

          What is the average cost of repairing a foundation?

          Foundation repair can range between $5,000 and $10,000 depending on the type of foundation being repaired and how much work is needed per home. At Hercules, we try to offer fair, honest, but competitive pricing being that we are a local, family-owned and operated company. Financing your project is also an option with Hercules. You can follow the link on our webpage located under the “Financing Your Repair” tab to access and apply for the funding of your future repairs. Don’t forget to ask about our military (includes police, EMS, and fire), elderly, and teacher discount if applicable!

          How long does it take for foundation repair services to be performed?

          Generally, it takes about 2-10 days depending on the scope of work and weather permitting. Sometimes there can be unexpected problems that may occur once the job has been started and could delay the completion time, but we will do our best to communicate any issues that occur to the customer in a timely manner.

          Why should I choose Hercules to repair my foundation if there is a problem detected?

          Hercules Foundation is a local, family-owned and operated company established by son, Collin Alexander, and father, Allen Alexander. We are foundation specialists who have been serving Texans for over 45 years and can proudly say that our business model focuses on loyalty, commitment, and compassion for our customers and their homes that we service for them. We are here to help YOU find a solution for your property’s foundation problems, and we want to be there for you every step of the way. At Hercules, we know a renovation on your family’s home can be stressful, so we will work as diligently and quickly as possible (while maintaining quality standards) to restore your foundation to stable condition and to customer satisfaction.

          What steps do I take next after I have selected Hercules to repair my foundation?

          After you have selected our company to repair your home’s foundation, feel free to reach out to your Hercules team member who completed the inspection to let them know your decision. They will provide you with their phone numbers for a means of personal communication during the inspection. You may also give our offices a call. In order to get your project on our schedule, we require that our customers make a deposit that is 50% of the service contracts estimated total price that was formulated after a thorough evaluation of the home by one of our professional inspectors. Here at Hercules, your deposit will go towards ONLY your homes repairs, and nothing else. None of your funds will be put towards any other foundation repair but you own. We will also need to obtain a copy of the signed service contract for our records. This will lock in your projects estimated start date and you are now ready for renovation which will usually occur within 1 to 5 weeks after a contract has been signed. Your start date may vary given the size of the project, weather conditions, and availability of our work crews. The remaining balance will also be due once the job has been completed.

          How can I prepare for my home for a foundation repair?

          Depending on the areas of repair you may need to remove anything on the walls or any breakables and valuables on shelves. We will move any heavy furniture for you. If you have interiors being installed and we have to remove flooring, we will roll the carpet up for repairs and roll it back out once the job is complete, however we will not stretch and tack it back into place. If there are tile or hardwood floors, we will remove them in the areas of repair but we are not responsible for replacing them. If you are wanting to save your hard-wood we can recommend a company to come and pull that flooring up for you.

          What happens if I have a break in my plumbing?

          It is always recommended to repair your plumbing after any foundation repairs due to possible breaking when lifting the foundation. We will perform a hydrostatic test after the repairs have been made as long as a cleanout is available. We will notify the homeowner if they have a plumbing issue and will be able to set up a test on the plumbing at an additional charge to determine where the leaks are. Hercules does have an in-house plumbing and we will be able to give you an estimate on those plumbing repairs

          Is it possible that my landscape will be damaged?

          The techniques we use to correct a failed foundation will cause minor damages to a landscape. In the event there is a piece that needs to be moved, we will make every effort to ensure the survival of the landscape, however, we cannot guarantee the life of the plants and we are not responsible. We recommend that if your landscaping is important to you that you have a professional in that field come out to remove the plants before we come out to make the repairs.

          What types of warranties do we offer with the services performed?

          A 10-year warranty is paired with our pier and beam repair work and a lifetime warranty is given with concrete slab repair work. Future adjustments can be made on areas wherein a change of elevation has occurred that exceeds one-half-inch (1/2″) on a ten-foot (10′) span, for the current owner(s) at no cost to the owner(s) for the duration of your given warranty. Our warranties can also be transferable for a service fee.

          Can I work from home during the foundation repair?

          Yes, you can work from home.

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