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Frequently Asked Questions About Foundation Repair

Have Questions?

Here at Hercules Foundation Repair, we’re about more than leveling your house. We believe in standing by the work we do and working with transparency. Our customers know they’re getting the best service in the area because we don’t shy away from answering the hard questions. Here are a few of the most common questions our customers ask.

What Does A Bad House Foundation Look Like?

Your home sits on top of its foundation, so it can be difficult to recognize when something’s wrong. Cracks between your bricks, horizontal or zig-zag cracks, doors and windows that don’t close correctly are all signs your foundation might be damaged. Our team is here to help inspect and repair your home’s foundation.

What Can Destroy A Foundation?

No part of your house was designed to last forever – and the supporting structure is no exception. Over time, temperature changes, moisture and soil compaction can lead to costly foundation damage. Here at Hercules Foundation Repair, we’ve seen it all – reach out to schedule your estimate or service today.

When Should You Consider Foundation Repair?

If you notice any signs of structural damage in your home – cracks, stuck windows or bowing walls – reach out to the professionals on our team right away. We’re available year-round to provide foundation solutions for your San Antonio home. While the temperate months are the ideal time to schedule foundation repair, we’re committed to helping you no matter the season.

What Happens If Water Gets Under My Concrete Slab?

Many Texas homes are built on slab foundations, with plumbing systems running through and under the slab itself. A broken pipe can result in a costly slab leak and dangerous structural damage. Flooding, high water bills, mold growth, pests and shifting foundation can all result from a residential slab leak.

Do Foundation Piers Really Work?

Since many homes in Texas rely on a slab foundation for stability, you may wonder if pier and beam foundations are worth the investment. When it comes to future repairs and costs over time, the answer is yes! Our team is here to walk you through your options for your new build, weigh the differences in repairs and help you make the best decision for your space.

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