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7 Signs You Might Have Foundation Problems

Diagnosing Foundation Damage Signs In San Antonio

As a homeowner, keeping on top of your property’s health and stability can’t be understated. Your foundation plays a crucial role in supporting the structure of your home, and any issues with the foundation can lead to significant and costly problems down the line.

When you want to keep your San Antonio home strong, why not make it Hercules strong with Hercules Foundation Repair? Understanding the symptoms of slab foundation problems can help you identify structural dangers early and take measures to address them. So you know when to call in the Hercules team, we’ll explore some common signs that indicate you might have foundation problems.

1. Cracks In Walls Or Floors

Are you dealing with new construction foundation cracks? One of the most obvious signs of foundation troubles is the presence of cracks in your walls, floors or ceilings.

Problems in your foundation work their way up, so a sudden appearance of cracks typically means that your foundation is shifting.

These cracks may start small but can quickly worsen over time, indicating underlying issues with the foundation. But can cracks in your foundation be repaired?

While work can be done to repair cracks and make your home more presentable, remember that they are part of an overarching problem with your foundation, which you’ll need experts like Hercules Foundation Repair to solve.

2. Sloping Floors

If you notice that your floors are sloping or uneven, it could be a sign of foundation settlement or shifting. Walk around your home and pay attention to any noticeable changes in floor level, or areas where the floor feels uneven or bouncy.

Sometimes this problem can even make particular rooms feel “lower” than the rest of your house. Uneven floors can indicate that the foundation has shifted or settled unevenly.

3. Sticking Doors And Windows

Foundation movement can cause the frames of doors and windows to become misaligned. This results in sticking or difficulty opening and closing them. Far more than just an annoyance, in the worst of cases, neglecting this problem can cost you new doors and windows along with foundation repairs.

Keep an eye out for doors that suddenly start sticking or no longer latch properly, as these are common signs of foundation shifting.

4. Furniture Separating From The Wall

Subtle changes to our furniture are often easy to miss, especially when they’re shoved up against the wall. But when your foundation is suffering and your walls and floor shift, you may start to notice gaps between your furniture and the wall.

This could be cabinets, tables, cupboards and other interior structures. If you pay close attention, you may notice these separation gaps which suggest foundation damage.

5. You’re Seeing Foundation Cracks

Most homeowners are familiar with the sight of wall cracks inside, but not as many know to check outside. Inspect the exterior of your home for any visible signs of foundation cracks. These cracks may appear in the foundation walls or slab and can vary in size and severity.

We recommend you look for cracks wider than a pencil or have a zigzag pattern, as these may indicate significant foundation movement. Just as well, pay attention to any gaps between the foundation and the rest of the structure, as these can also signal foundation issues.

6. Sagging Walls

Foundation problems can cause the walls of your home to sag or bow inward, especially in basements or crawl spaces. This can occur due to excessive moisture in the soil surrounding the foundation or inadequate structural support.

Texas’ soil conditions are uniquely harmful to home foundations, so it wouldn’t be wise to neglect this issue.

If you notice walls that are visibly sagging or bowing, it’s essential to call Hercules Foundation Repair promptly. We’ll address the underlying foundation issues at once to prevent further damage.

7. Crawl Space Smells And Moistures

Excessive moisture in crawl space is a bad sign, particularly if it’s accompanied by musty odors or mold growth. Foundation wall and pier damage can allow water to seep beneath your home, leading to moisture issues and potential structural damage.

In these cases, you might find that your home smells musty and of mildew. Your nose can be a surprisingly good tool for detecting crawl space issues, as these smells can be tied back to heavy moisture. Should you detect these bad smells, pier repair might be in your best interest.

Stay Strong For Long With Hercules Foundation Repair

Identifying the signs of foundation problems early can help you avoid structural damage and costly repairs. If you notice any of these signs in your home, it’s essential to consult with a professional foundation repair company like Hercules Foundation Repair.

Our team of experts specializes in diagnosing these foundation issues, restoring stability to your Texas home.

Don’t wait until foundation problems escalate. Contact Hercules Foundation Repair today to schedule your next ironclad service!

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